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2022 Interior Design Trends

The last two years have not been easy for most of us, and one of many lessons that we've learned during this time is that our homes should be a reflection of people living in them - a place where you feel the most comfortable, whatever that might mean to you. We are seeing more intentional designs, purposeful spaces that fit your needs and lifestyle, as well as sustainable materials. And even though I'm not a huge trend follower, there are a few interesting and fun shifts happening in the interior design industry, which are worth exploring and maybe adapting to your own space.

Olivia Pierce for Transition State Design @transitionstatedesign

Era mixing

You’re not taking a test when decorating your home, so don’t be afraid to mix pieces from different time periods. Moreover, it is considered to be a chic way to showcase your favorite pieces together. Mid-century modern furniture, Renaissance gold mirror frames, modern marble lamps and anything else that touches your soul will work together in a beautifully chaotic way. The best approach when coordinating all of the pieces together is to keep the same, relatively neutral palette.

Photo by Mariell Lind Hansen, Design by Studio Hagen Hall @mariell.lindhansen @studiohagenhall

The 70s are back!

Minimalism is out! We are diving into an unapologetically fun era of bright colours, whimsical patterns and décor that screams your personality and unique point of view. There’s no right or wrong, just lots of character, colour and vintage pieces.

Kitchen cabinets made out of old floorboards (Photo by Retrouvius) @retrouvius


Giving a new life to old pieces is not just going to get you some karma points, but also will push you to the top of the design trend list! Repurposing old floorboards or furniture pieces into kitchen cabinets, repainting and restyling second-hand finds is a great way to give them a new vision and a unique style.

Sak Design

Biophilic Design

Being stuck indoors for what feels like forever, forced many of us to crave nature and find ways to bring great outdoors - in. Biophilic design in its simplest form is adding plants and greenery into your space to recreate the wilderness of a forest, but it can also be created by incorporating the view, framing it into a large window, as well as accentuating natural materials and tones.

Future Davide Lovatti @davidelovatti

Loads of Texture

Even the most neutral pallet can become complex, layered and unique by mixing different textures. Decorative rugs can be layered on top of one another, pillows casually thrown on the sofa, bringing together velvet, linens, woven furniture and sisal carpets. It all goes and in this case the more - the better!

Sullivan Design Studio @sullivandesignstudio

Mindful Spaces

One of the most logical shifts in the last couple of years is that people are trying to make their homes as functional as possible. Whether you need a place for your kids to do homework and virtual learning, a comfortable office, a dapper bar or a green garden is completely up to you and depends on your needs and lifestyle.

Project Interiors @projectinteriors


If you’ve gone through the list and don't feel ready to jump into the wave of creativity and crazy colours just yet, there is still some good news for you. The neutrals we’ve all been obsessing over lately are here to stay for a while. Soft furniture outlines, earthy tones and lots of natural light will bring you calm and peace this year. And don't we all need it so badly?


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