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Interior Design Shopping Secrets: How to Furnish Your Home Like a Pro

Shopping for home decor can be a delightful yet daunting experience. With endless choices and style directions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As an interior designer, I have a few professional secrets up my sleeve that can make the process not only easier but also more fun. Here are some insider tips to help you shop like a pro!

1. Understanding White Labeling

One of the industry’s best-kept secrets is “white labeling.” This is when products are sold under a retailer’s brand, not the original manufacturer’s label. Brands like Wayfair, Restoration Hardware, Target often use this approach, allowing them to offer products at different price points. To snag these deals, try a reverse Google image search on product images. This can lead you multiple shopping options, often much more affordable. Comparing these can help you understand the markups and value of the white-labeled versions.

2. Creating a Cohesive Moodboard

The best way to start your design process is by creating a moodboard. This visual tool helps you see if your chosen pieces harmonize before you make any purchases. Tools like Canva or PowerPoint are perfect for this. For an even clearer vision, remove the backgrounds from your images. This small trick allows you to focus on how the items truly fit together without any visual distractions.

3. Choosing a Statement Piece

Start your room design by selecting one statement piece—or simply a piece you absolutely adore—and build the rest of your room around it. This could be an art piece, a sofa, or an antique vase. This foundational piece serves as a focal point and inspiration, making it easier to select other elements that complement it, rather than overwhelming you with options.

4. Measuring Accurately

A common mistake in buying furniture is measuring the space incorrectly. Always measure from baseboard to baseboard, not wall to wall. This accounts for any variations that might affect the fit of your furniture. Also, don't forget to measure doorways and hallways. This ensures that your new treasures can reach their designated spots without a struggle.

5. Shop Off-Season

For the best deals, shop off-season. Retailers often clear out seasonal items at significant discounts. For instance, shop for patio furniture in the fall or winter and Christmas decor in January. This strategy can save you a pretty penny.

6. Sample Sales and Trade Shows

Keep an eye out for sample sales and trade shows, which are great for finding unique pieces at reduced prices. These events allow you to explore new trends and products that haven’t hit the mainstream market yet.

7. Don’t Rush the Process

Finally, take your time. The beauty of design lies in the journey of curating a space that feels right. Rushing can lead to decisions that you might regret later. Spend time in your space, get a feel for it, and allow your room to evolve organically.

Shopping for your home should be an enjoyable experience. With these professional tips, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions, allowing you to create a space that is not only stylish but also truly yours. Remember, the best interior design reflects the personality and needs of those who live in it. Happy decorating!




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