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Perfect Gallery Wall Do's and Don'ts

Creating a gallery wall is a simple and inexpensive (usually) way to add some character and visual interest to blank spaces in your home. A negative space, which defined as an area that is not taken by any objects, is an important tool in an interior designer's arsenal, however, too much of it can feel unfinished and frankly boring. This is where a gallery wall can save the day! Here are my favourite tips and tricks on creating a perfect Pinterest-worthy gallery wall:


DO: Make It Personal

There is something special about visiting someone's home for the first time and admiring the art and souvenirs that have a special meaning to the host. All of the items you've collected during your life can be curated into a beautiful collection that tells a story. You can give your personality a chance to shine, whether your collection consists of museum/plane tickets, botanical prints or risky nude art. There is absolutely no right or wrong here!

DO: Keep It Cohesive

When you have all of your favourite pieces together, try to eliminate the ones that are not falling under the same theme, colour palette or style in general. The simplest approach is to stick to 2 to 4 colours in your selection and the same style throughout. The frames can add some colour and texture to the gallery wall, however, make sure those are corresponding with each other and the artwork.

DO: Plan Ahead

Planning is the most important and time-consuming part of the gallery wall installation. Once you decided on the pieces, frames and you're happy with the overall theme it's time to put them together. Map out the wall first! Start with the largest piece in your collection and work your way from it expanding to the sides. Use green tape to see how the pieces will work together on the wall before you start hammering! No, you can't wing it, trust me, it will save you time and your nerve cells if you do this once, but properly.

DO: Consider Picture Ledges

If you have commitment issues, picture ledges could be a perfect solution for you! It is a simple and not at all time-consuming way to display your favourite artwork, drawings or any small objects that are dear to your heart. You can easily swap the selection for something new once you got bored of it or switch them up with seasonal décor.



DON'T: Hang The Artwork To High

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when creating their gallery walls, the general rule is to place the pieces at eye level, but that could mean completely different things to two people. When you are 5'2" or 6'4" your eye level will be different. So aim somewhere in the middle, 60" from the floor is generally where you'd want to start. Another approach is to start from the top of the key furniture pieces if you're creating the gallery wall above the sofa or a console then measure 5"- 8" up.


DON'T: Go Too Small

Let's just agree that 4"x6" frames do not belong on the wall! Don't be afraid to experiment with larger pieces, they will visually make your space feel much bigger and less cramped or busy.


DON'T: Use Cliché Prints or Word Art

It has always been a mystery to me why people need a constant reminder that they are entering a LAUNDRY room or find posters from SMILE or LIVE LAUGH LOVE category inspirational or creative. If you know what I'm talking about, please swear right here and right now that you won't use any of those cliché monstrosities in your gallery wall! Amen.


DON'T: Forget The Level and Measuring Tape

Some people might find it creative and visually interesting to slightly tilt the artwork on the walls, as if the wind has slightly blown them off, but it is oh so hard to make it look intentional, rather than sloppy. So grab a level and a measuring tape to make sure your wall looks exactly as you want it to be!


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