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Top Interior Design Coffee Table Books to Inspire Your Next Home Makeover and Look Good on Your Coffee Table

Let's be honest, sometimes a coffee table book is chosen for its stunning cover and the way it perfectly complements the aesthetic of a room. It's that beautiful piece that guests glance at and sometimes leaf through, but more often than not, it serves as a decorative element that adds a touch of sophistication to your living space. However, for those of us who are passionate about interior design, these books offer more than just a pretty face. They are sources of inspiration, brimming with ideas, styles, and expert advice that can transform our homes. Whether you're using them as a statement piece on your coffee table or as a manual for your next big home project, these books are treasures in the world of interior design.

1. "The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details" by Christiane Lemieux

This book is a celebration of quality over quantity, a deep dive into the world of timeless furniture, elegant textiles, and exquisite details that define luxury. Christiane Lemieux, with her expert eye, guides readers through what makes a piece of furniture or textile exceptional.

2. "The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space" by Frida Ramstedt

Frida Ramstedt's handbook is akin to having a personal interior designer at your fingertips. This book demystifies the fundamentals of good design, teaching you how to furnish, decorate, and style your space like a pro.

3. "Eat Drink Nap: Bringing the House Home" by Soho House

Imagine bringing the chic and sophisticated essence of Soho House into your home. This book is a guide to recreating the signature Soho style, focusing on creating environments that are perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and living.

4. "Down to Earth: Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living" by Lauren Liess

Lauren Liess's approach to design is all about creating spaces that are relaxed yet refined. "Down to Earth" is an ode to interiors that balance modern aesthetics with a sense of homeliness and warmth.

5. "Live Beautiful" by Athena Calderone

Athena Calderone is known for her polished and stylish interiors, and "Live Beautiful" encapsulates her vision. The book features homes that are not just visually stunning but also tell the stories of the people who live in them.

6. "The Art of Home: A Designer Guide to Creating an Elevated Yet Approachable Home" by Shea McGee

Shea McGee's book is a treasure trove for those seeking to create a home that is both stylish and welcoming. This guide shows you how to achieve an elevated yet approachable aesthetic.

7. "Made for Living: Collected Interiors for All Sorts of Styles" by Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis's unique style shines in "Made for Living," where she demonstrates how to mix and match different elements to create a cohesive yet eclectic interior. It’s a must-read for lovers of layered, lived-in spaces.

8. "Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style"

Celebrating a century of stunning interiors, this book is a visual feast, showcasing the best of Architectural Digest's archives. It's a journey through a hundred years of style and elegance in interior design.

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While these coffee table books are a delight to the eyes and a chic addition to any room, they also offer a wealth of knowledge, practical advice, and design philosophy. They help you create a space that is not just beautiful but a reflection of your unique style and personality. Remember, the best interior is one that resonates with you and makes your everyday living a bit more special.




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