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Design Presentation Template

Design Presentation Template

As an interior designer, your passion lies in transforming spaces, not getting bogged down with the endless cycle of presentation creation. Yet, the reality often involves more time finessing slide decks than finessing room layouts. Imagine if you could reclaim that lost time, dedicating more of your day to what truly ignites your creativity and grows your business. That’s where our Interior Design Presentation Template comes in - it is truly a revolution for your design workflow.


Elevate Your Presentations, Elevate Your Business

Crafted exclusively for interior designers, this template is the ally you’ve been seeking. We understand the grind of drafting presentations from scratch for each new client - the hours spent aligning images, choosing fonts, and creating layouts that tell a story. This kit is your shortcut to bypassing that grind, opening up a world of saved time and enhanced creativity.


What’s Inside the Design Presentation Template?


- 24 Customizable Pages: Each of the 24 pages has been carefully curated to ensure you have a template for every aspect of your project, from mood boards to budget overviews. Each page includes adjustable copy tailored for easy adaptation from project to project. This means less time spent on drafting and more time for designing and scaling your business.


- Streamlined Workflow: Say goodbye to the hours lost in presentation prep. Our template is intuitive, allowing for swift customization. It’s not just about making presentations faster; it’s about making them better.


- A Cohesive Brand Experience: Your presentations are a reflection of your brand. With our template, each slide is a testament to your professionalism and aesthetic, ensuring your clients know they’re dealing with a top-tier designer.


- Tools for Every Project Phase: From initial concepts to final reveals, our template covers every step of your design process. Impress clients at every turn with presentations that are as well-crafted as your designs.


- Designed by Designers, for Designers: We’ve been where you are, facing the same challenges and frustrations. This template is our solution, shared with you to lift some of that weight off your shoulders.


What's Inside: 

   01. Introduction Page

   02. Table of Contents

   03. Project Overview

   04. Meet the Team

   05. Design Concept

   06. Project Goals

   07. Mood Board

   08. Color Story

   09. Sample Board

   10. Space Plans and Layouts

   11. Elevations

   12. Furniture and Fixtures

   13. Materials Board

   14. Budget Overview

   15. Timeline

   16. Next Steps

   17. Contact Information


Transform Your Design Presentations Today

With the Design Presentation Template, you’re not just improving your presentations; you’re upgrading your entire design process. It’s time to shift your focus back to where it belongs - on your designs, your clients, and your vision. Let our kit handle the rest, making every presentation an effortless showcase of your talent.


Rediscover the joy in your work, enhance your client presentations, and step into a world where your creativity knows no bounds. Embrace the change that the Design Presentation Template brings to your workflow, and watch as your design business flourishes like never before.

  • No, you don't need a paid subscription to Canva to edit these templates. They are fully accessible and editable with a free Canva account. However, we do recommend considering a Canva Pro subscription if you're interested in accessing advanced features like the background remover, which can add an extra polish to your presentations.



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